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If you state that only one thing is required but then request everything else for the app to "function" you are effectively trying to skirt privacy policies of Facebook...
Num downloads: 300,000,000

AliExpress Shopping App - Coupon For New User

they stole money from a 5 year old girl who was only wanting princess Elsa skirt outfit!
I bought an original american apparel skirt for 14 dollar
Num downloads: 300,000,000

Wish - Shopping Made Fun!

An XL skirt that couldn't fit even a small frame, a T shirt and beach dress that were falling apart, a dress that still hasnt been delivered since august 2014 with no refund, a top ordered aug 2014 that wasn't delivered for which i got a refund in jan 2015.....i got one half way decent dress that i had to do minor repairs on just to wear it........i will never spend my hard earned money with this bogus site....thank you very much
The "dress" I got wasn't actually dress size....only blouse kind of disappointed, but it's still pretty enough to wear with jeans or a skirt........don't know if I want to order clothing again.....
Num downloads: 300,000,000

Flipkart Online Shopping App

I ordered skirt top but flipkart send me a skirt and which is of wrapper cloth and whole is in it of 2500 rupees and l was throw it in dustbin
Num downloads: 75,000,000

Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji

It also needs some more"normal clothing/descriptive/realistic options" example: cane,wheelchair/walker; children/pets/couples/pets one dog, one cat one horse one fish;;and then change colots)instead of outfits being set in stone you should have categories within a outfit headlines That you could pick hair(hats, visors, headbands/Sun glasses), markings (freckles, moles, scars, piercings, helmet), different style clothing hats/ shoes/ jewelry/ pants, shorts, skirt,dress,
You can't click on a top and scroll to find a pant or skirt that you like to go with the top.
Num downloads: 75,000,000

MonsterBusters: Match 3 Puzzle

Little witch flips me when I lost and I get a whistle as if I was wearing a mini skirt with no shirt its different than the usual because usually app will say you are losing this one actually just saids go for it you have five moves but you can make it so go for it monster busters are awe~~some!
Num downloads: 30,000,000

High School Story

Num downloads: 30,000,000

Amazon for Tablets

This app makes you buy every item you want like a skirt for me and other girly items I want
Num downloads: 30,000,000