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Zepp Play Soccer

No performance tracking over time.
Using for one player on one leg wasn't intuitive so I'm not sure how you would manage tracking a team of players.
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Invest in Best Mutual Funds

. > >Performance Tracking: >Invest in top funds, review, track & achieve your goals by keeping a tab on the real time Mutual Fund Returns provided by your portfolio of investments. > >Tax Saving Baskets: >Invest in top tax saving mutual funds (ELSS Funds) to get highest tax saving and highest returns for your investment. > >Advisor Benefit: >Our advisors continuously monitor your portfolio performance and with every periodic review push out recommendations to buy, sell, switch or continue with the mutual fund portfolio. > >Open Discussion Forum: >You can ask any investment related question and get answers from top advisors across the country and also read expert articles from them. > >ProsperX supports all Mutual Fund Companies (AMCs) as mentioned below and an Investor can invest in any of the AMC from the given list: > >1.
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Super Stocks : Stock Station with Options

Stock Station is a stock tracker for the live market info and a high-performance portfolio tracker.
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MARS is a mobile based sales force governance tool for PE Electronics which provides real time information of Shopfloor .It will provide necessary information from field which can be used for analytics > >Following modules are functional on the same > >* Secondary Sales > >* Shop -floor model wise and photo of display > >* POSM Tracking > >* Performance Tracking > >The highlight of this tool is seamless integration with internal systems which provides necessary analytical information
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OBDDiag Toyota

. ----------------------------------------------------------- >The App Supports the Following (ISO-9141) >----------------------------------------------------------- >* Enhance Data Parameters >* Output Test >* Mode 3 - Read Faults >* Mode 4 - Clear Faults >* Mode 7 - Pending Faults * Generic Data Parameters (Any OBD II Complaint Vehicle) >* Readiness >* O2 Sensor Location >* Mode 2 - Freeze Frame Data >* Mode 3 - Read Current Faults >* Mode 4 - Clear Faults >* Mode 6 - On-board Test Result >* Mode 7 - Read Pending Faults >* Mode 9 - VIN, Performance Tracking Data, ECU Name, Calibration and Verification ID >* Mode A - Read Stored Faults Will be supporting more features in the future release.
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CPA Exam Prep

CPA Exam Prep includes explanations for correct/incorrect answers, as well as performance tracking that is designed to help you make the most of your study time so that you pass the exam the first time, on time. > >The CPA Exam Prep application is accessible from your mobile device giving you the ability to study at your convenience from any location
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>Critical Performance Tracking >All student activities are tracked and daily progress report are sent to parents providing an analysis of areas of weaknesses.
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DailyPrep CAT - Practice Tests

>- Daily Challenges with 10 questions based on CAT difficulty >- Questions cover all topics in Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, and Logical Reasoning & DI >- Detailed solutions for each question >- Tips, shortcuts and tricks to solve questions fast >- Topic-wise performance tracking with every question you solve >- Reports on accuracy and need for improvement >- Leaderboards to see where you stand amongst other CAT aspirants > >What can you do on our FREE App, Daily Prep - CAT Practice Tests?
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