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TapChess Tactics Vol. 1

Vol.1 now contains 110 original exercises taken from real matches.Backtrack moves between variations, hint system and personal progress and performance tracking system.
Num downloads: 3,000

Stock Tracker

. > >All indexes or stock tickers can be graphed in minutes, daily or monthly view for performance tracking.
Num downloads: 3,000

Mind Games - Train your Brain

> > >Benefits > >We incorporate seven brain training educational games into a daily program that will challenge your brain and bring you the following benefits: >* Better memory & attention >* Higher productivity and self confidence >* Better presentation skills >* Better math skills > > >Our brain training games also come with >* Detailed performance tracking >* Unlimited access to all the games that you unlock >* Adaptive difficulty progression to ensure your experience is challenging >* Brain training calendar to track your success > > >Download our app today and start your journey to a brighter mind!
Num downloads: 3,000

Gentleman's Darts Scorer

A beautifully designed and crafted darts scoring and performance tracking application. > >"You practice your darts game daily and you have no idea if you are improving.
Num downloads: 3,000

Report Card Plus+

Nice app to track performance.
My child performance on the go. ....
Num downloads: 3,000

HitCheck: Sideline Concussion Testing

Here's what you'll get: > >* Age-specific tests for users 5 years old and up >* Personalized baseline (pre-injury), post-injury and recovery testing >* UNLIMTED testing and performance reports >* 24/7 access to all records > >FREE PERSONAL PLANS >*Free for single users.
Num downloads: 3,000


> >PRODUCT FEATURES > >Centralised Information Management >Student Performance Tracking >Time Table Assignment >Exam Fees Assignment >Student and Teacher Information Management >Student Alumni >SMS & Email Notifications >Online payments > >and many many more > >So what are you waiting for
Num downloads: 750

OBDDiag Toyota Pro

. ----------------------------------------------------------- >The App Supports the Following (ISO-9141) >----------------------------------------------------------- >* Enhance Data Parameters >* Output Test >* Mode 3 - Read Faults >* Mode 4 - Clear Faults >* Mode 7 - Pending Faults * Generic Data Parameters (Any OBD II Complaint Vehicle) >* Readiness >* O2 Sensor Location >* Mode 2 - Freeze Frame Data >* Mode 3 - Read Current Faults >* Mode 4 - Clear Faults >* Mode 6 - On-board Test Result >* Mode 7 - Read Pending Faults >* Mode 9 - VIN, Performance Tracking Data, ECU Name, Calibration and Verification ID >* Mode A - Read Stored Faults Will be supporting more features in the future release.
Num downloads: 750