Best android apps for weather radar

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Maps - Navigation & Transit

Its a great app and i use it almost everyday but will and can you guys add a weather radar to the app
Num downloads: 3,000,000,000

Weather - The Weather Channel

The weather radar doesn't seem to ever work anymore (it gets hung up mid-frame), and the weather predictions
Shouldn't have to sign up for an account to get basic features like weather radar.
Num downloads: 75,000,000

AccuWeather with Superior Accuracyâ„¢

Even the weather radar confirms that there's currently no rainfall (my location is set for my current
. >* Now get more from the weather radar with added future radar in the latest version. >* Analyzing
Num downloads: 75,000,000

GO Weather - Widget, Theme, Wallpaper, Efficient

Would give it give stars if it had a weather radar widget for my home screen.
The reason I gave it only 2 stars is because they don't have a live weather radar.
Num downloads: 75,000,000

Weather by WeatherBug

Real time weather radar.
I will not use any other weather radar
Num downloads: 30,000,000

Weather & Radar - Free

Weather &Radar.
weather radar changes, not accurate
Num downloads: 30,000,000

Amber Weather - Local Forecast,live weather app

storm right about now and we have about 40% cloud cover and very little else, not even on the local weather
Num downloads: 30,000,000

Photon Flash Player & Browser

I use it for NOAA weather radar. Indiscernable.
Num downloads: 30,000,000