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My Talking Tom

This game talking tom has a camera and it watching you and hearing you when it blinks it's taking a picture of you please do not let your childrens play this
I have a few that i 💘 to play alot ....when traveling to see my friends and get the picture for the places they live.
Num downloads: 750,000,000

Subway Surfers

When I open the app, it just shows me the loading picture, that's all.
And also very good idea to put the new character's picture with jake on the loading page.
Num downloads: 750,000,000

Viber Messenger

Issue with changing displayed picture.
Unable to change my display picture.
Num downloads: 750,000,000

Samsung Print Service Plugin

I think this is great to use when you need to print out something because you need it for school and you forgot so you print the picture on your phone to your schools printer with connection and before class just run to the printer.
It is good because you can get ney picture
Num downloads: 750,000,000

Clean Master - Free Antivirus

All of the picture folder merge into 1 file and all of my picture taken from my camera are absolutely vanished.
Last I checked picture of my late father aren't junk.
Num downloads: 750,000,000

UC Browser - Fast Download Private & Secure

And save a picture option is completely gone.
Set my background picture...enable my adblock etc...
Num downloads: 750,000,000


Picture Quality STILL!!!
Bad picture quality.
Num downloads: 750,000,000


*edit: I have discovered the cause of the issue, it only happens when there are 2 or sub folders in the picture file (download and facebook picture sub-files in the internal storage picture file)
Just let me choose where a picture downloads to.
Num downloads: 750,000,000