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I found this on recommend after an app "Nofap" was also recommended previously
Num downloads: 75,000

NF Counter

NoFap on, fapstronauts!
I started nofap in 2013, had to buy a new phone cos my old one broke.
Num downloads: 30,000

OnaTimer - Patience Helper

It's the best app for nofap.
Best for nofap.
Num downloads: 30,000

Quit Porn Addiction, beat your addiction to porn

>However with the help of friends and various other help such as CBT, 12 Steps program, and support from the members on the Nofap® forum, we were able to stop and start to repair our lives.
Num downloads: 30,000

StopFap - Stop Masturbation

Wish you could put in the time u stopped since I got this after a day of nofap
I started NoFap before installing this app and there is no way to set it.
Num downloads: 30,000

The Fortify Program

Best easy to use app which helps in monitoring NoFap streaks.
Num downloads: 30,000

Time Since - Days Since Free

This is a great tool, for anyone looking for a NoFap counter, this is the best I've come across!
Num downloads: 30,000

NoFap App

An implementation of Nofap 90 for Android.
Num downloads: 7,500