Best android apps for bible study

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Google Translate

I tried translating bible study into my mother tongue Hindi and it translates to "charas peena" that
Num downloads: 750,000,000


Gr8 for random bible study.
Great Bible study tool.
Num downloads: 300,000,000

Samsung Voice Recorder

I do a Bible Study and was trying to figure out how to record them and send it to my transcriber to type
Num downloads: 300,000,000

Tango - Live Stream Video Chat

Absolute best me and my girlfriend use it for bible study
Num downloads: 300,000,000


I use it for Bible study. I can create folders and create pages within each folder.
Num downloads: 300,000,000

ColorNote Notepad Notes

I keep notes about holiday plans, work, Bible study, etc. Lots of great uses.
Num downloads: 300,000,000

Evernote - stay organized.

It's my diary, reminder, secretary, Bible study notebook, pocket notepad ... honestly it's been a huge
I recently found that my Bible study pdf can be transferred from my pc to my tablet with highlights and
Num downloads: 300,000,000

CM Launcher 3D - Theme,wallpaper,Secure,Efficient

already installed one's to the folders and our change one app from one folder to another..example is my bible
study apps are now spread out between many folders instead of one!!
Num downloads: 300,000,000