Best android apps for arcade game

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Subway Surfers

Subway surfers is the best arcade game that I have played on Android.
Num downloads: 750,000,000

Shadow Fight 2

Great arcade game. Good and simple arcade fighting game - with a sprinkle of RPG element in it.
Num downloads: 300,000,000

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Good game and very best arcade game graphics are very good at justins we will give you five star for
Num downloads: 300,000,000

Angry Birds

Good arcade game with Google Play Game Features and great physics and presentation, but no Google Cloud
Num downloads: 300,000,000

Don't Tap The White Tile

Would give it zero stars if I could every time I play a arcade+ game it asks me to use the fast forward
Num downloads: 300,000,000

Here are some suggestions to become the best arcade game ever: all time/monthly leaderboards.
Num downloads: 300,000,000

Real Racing 3

would love for you developers add a "practice" mode to add a little more fun to balance it being an arcade
game as well as a professional simulator.
Num downloads: 300,000,000

Traffic Racer

It's the best arcade game i've ever play.
Num downloads: 300,000,000