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فوتوشوب تعديل الصور و تزيينها

. > >المراجع : >image : > > Application >>Photoshop editing images and decorated>> Aktar is an application of the gorgeous, saluting it allows users to deal with images and decorated simply and easily and Azvaealleha touch Khash.o is an application works without Internet and easy to use. > >The application >>Photoshop editing images and decorated>> Khalah you can decorate photos and write them in a professional manner, as applicable to the effects of high-quality images such major programs contain Motrut >Modification program and editing photos and writing on the photos. > >Through Hedda application will not need to face in the photos decorating programs makeup and hair color in the pictures and change the eye color change programs is available on this topic all the features and more from the piece.
Num downloads: 7,500

تعديل الصور وتحسينها بضغطة زر

.✔✔ Modify the images and improve the push of a button >Edit images writing on the pictures work on designs images >As PhotoShop fantastic application designed for mobile and through which you can smoothly and easily improve your image in order to look like a professional.
Num downloads: 7,500

Anniversary Photo Frames

. > >Anniversary Photo Frames : Card App You Can Find Lots of Amazing Frame & Create Your Wonderful Image & Impress Your Life Partner. > >you can also send a gift as greetings to each other and to the relatives, acquaintances, friends, or even yourself, with your spouse. > >Using this application you can change your image with various new Anniversary Photo Frames . there is so many photo frame for your image to edit with Anniversary Photo Frames and set Anniversary Photo Frames themes with your image > >Wedding Anniversary picture Frames is specially designed for weddings, you'll opt for the frame that most accurately fits your declaration of affection, valentines day, or ceremony.
Num downloads: 7,500

Amazing Frog (Adam & Archie)

The wonderful pig squeals are a thing to behold.
The wonderful image of the frog.. incredible.
Num downloads: 7,500

فوتوشوب عربي - تعديل الصور

. >- Edit images and write programs or work influences on any image you like. >- And many more Zaia let go area for you to discover on your own >To run the application, all you have to do is select the image to be adjusted by either pick them up by Alcamra or selected image editor in the phone then start to choose the influences that fit your image and choose a beautiful frames and Asafh certain type on the image or put your picture in the respondent image him by the police.
Num downloads: 7,500

You Cam Makeup 💖 Perfect

>with youcam you can take photo editing with funny photo editing & Stickers doggy , Where there filters doggy & face stickers , Youcam You'll make a wonderful image, to get more Likes and followers >This whole thing is not youcam a coincidence, that the application contains a stickers , a funny photo editing , like camara and best Filters ,And Save Property picture and share with your friends in all social communication.
Num downloads: 3,000

Photo Sticker

>By capturing images by the camera or selected from the photo editor in the phone then start to choose the >influences that fit your image and choose a beautiful frames and Asafh certain type on the image or put your picture * >in the respondent him by the police image. >* Some features of this application >- Installation of images in each other as for Prisma and for Snabashat. >- Edit images and adding filters like a sweet for candy camera. >- Edit images and write programs or work influences on any image you like. >- Add effects to your pictures to look professional. >- Cut images. >- Photo Frame in new forms.
Num downloads: 3,000

Baby Photo Video Maker

You can select up to 60 images >✓ Add music you love from your mobile with editing and trimming features >✓ Add Video Effect Background >✓ Slow/fast motion with more accurate speed adjustment in 0.5s >✓ Save video story with HD quality and Share video story with your friends via social networks >✓ Square Size to post on Instagram or make profile avatar on Facebook > >Photo Video Editor :- >✓ All editing functions are built-in apps >✓ Cut, stitches your photos with more than 100 photo frames, frame beautiful love >✓ Over 200 icons and icons love fun >✓ multiple filters wonderful image editing > >- Flip,Split or Trim Video Clip. >- Crop video - Just touch to crop videos to the perfect length >- Video Trim - Trim videos to achieve the perfect length. >- Split Video - Split clips to shorten or rearrange.
Num downloads: 3,000