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Google Play Newsstand

No option for non-US news.
But here I have been forced to use only US edition of the news so stupid and dumb
Num downloads: 3,000,000,000


Now cards think that I am interested in US news just because I have my system settings in English...
Why you do this to us?!
Num downloads: 3,000,000,000

Flipboard: News For Any Topic

Since this has been going on for months, I will us google news instead
This app helps me stay up to date with news on Technology, World & US major events, Business News, etc.
Num downloads: 750,000,000

Google News & Weather

Please let us use our own browser.
If only I could remove US sports news from the Headlines section.
Num downloads: 300,000,000

Omni Swipe - Small and Quick

Very nice ui but one toucher us better.
I believe omini swipe is for everyone, not only people living in the US, how come I'll be seeing US NEWS only & can't see NEWS from my country, while am in my country?
Num downloads: 300,000,000

Dailyhunt (Newshunt) News

Its very helpful to us.
Be update with the news that happen around us.
Num downloads: 30,000,000

News by The Times of India

The new update doesn't give us the full news brief in notification.
It news flash service keep us updated.
Num downloads: 30,000,000

CNN Breaking US & World News

If you want unbiased US & world news, watch and read One America News.
CNN Breaking US & World News!
Num downloads: 30,000,000