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Challenge Rx

Challenge Rx takes competition to a new level with the introduction of skill based competition by limiting the size of competition groups, offering paid judging positions, and Free WOD management and athlete performance tracking for boxes.
Num downloads: 750

CC & Wood Coating App

Sales Force Performance Tracking >1.
Num downloads: 300


List of Assessments for Performance Tracking >3.
Num downloads: 300

CDL Prep Pro

Performance tracking - Review your performance on every question.
Num downloads: 300


* Receive work schedules from your employer based on your availability > * Real-time shift trading with co-workers > * Pick up additional shifts > * Team communication with in-app messaging > * Recognition through badges and performance tracking > * Instantly access information across mobile and web-accessible devices At this time, your employer must be signed up with WorkJam to use this app.
Num downloads: 300


ACUTIZE FEATURES >- 20+ free games for critical visual skills like acuity, ocular motility, binocular vision, accommodation & convergence, visual space and brain's image processing >- Detailed performance tracking and comprehensive statistics >- Personalized daily workouts that include the skills you need most >- Dynamic adaption of the difficulty level for each exercise to ensure your experience is challenging >- Workout calendar to help you track your streaks and stay motivated >- Detailed scientific background information for each exercise >And more!
Num downloads: 300

Shift OBD2 (OBD Diagnostics)

Track vehicle performance in real time.
Num downloads: 300


>FEATURES 6 types of challenges with 3 levels of difficulty - easy, medium and hard Scoring based on speed and accuracy Detailed performance tracking Leaderboard and badges to keep you motivated Rewards based on performance *PLEASE NOTE: PEBBLES IS ONLY FOR CORPORATE GROUPS
Num downloads: 300