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Zepp Play Soccer

No performance tracking over time.
Using for one player on one leg wasn't intuitive so I'm not sure how you would manage tracking a team of players.
Num downloads: 750

Tic Tac Pro

Features in v1.0: >- single player vs. easy, medium and hard AI >- local multiplayer ("pass and play") >- stats and performance tracking
Num downloads: 750

NetWorth Radio

Utilizing a proprietary cash-flow based investment discipline, coupled with advanced investment performance tracking systems; Spencer has built a solid wealth management platform for successful families.
Num downloads: 750


Features: >* Political discussion timeline >* State wise Political News >* Constituency level Political Networking among Multi-Party members >* Indian Assembly and Parliamentary Election Results from 1951 >* Petitions to highlight the plights of the Constituency, State & Country >* RTI to seek information on the functioning of State and Central Governments >* MLA, MP and Government Performance Tracking iVote helps the citizens to follow the election campaigns closely and vote for the right candidate.
Num downloads: 750

GRE Flashcards Vocabulary

Give our performance tracking a shot to improve your vocabulary and ace the GRE exam!
Num downloads: 750

CPA Exam Prep

Additional content is available for purchase: *REG: all questions and flashcards, plus performance tracking.
Num downloads: 750

HazMat 4th Flashcards

Features of the flashcard app include: *Performance tracking >*Twenty questions per chapter >*Ability to study multiple user-selected chapters simultaneously >*Ability to remove or reinsert questions from the flashcard deck Whether you're studying for state testing or promotional exams, or just brushing up on your overall understanding of the material, the new IFSTA Flashcards app is a convenient, worthwhile resource.
Num downloads: 750

Qwhizard Math Quiz Practice

Each child profile has visual representations of their performance over time, which can help give insights into their overall progress.
Num downloads: 750