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LifeaBEAM Simulator

The LifeBEAM Simulator app will show you in real-time the personal vital signs and fitness performance information the LifeBEAM helmet, Hat and Visor can record!
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Shooter Performance Tracker

The Shooter Performance Tracker® (SPT) is the USA High School Clay Target League's exclusive performance tracking tool provided to all participants of the League.
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. > > * Receive work schedules from your employer based on your availability > * Real-time shift trading with co-workers > * Pick up additional shifts > * Team communication with in-app messaging > * Recognition through badges and performance tracking > * Instantly access information across mobile and web-accessible devices > >At this time, your employer must be signed up with WorkJam to use this app.
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> >ACUTIZE FEATURES >- 20+ free games for critical visual skills like acuity, ocular motility, binocular vision, accommodation & convergence, visual space and brain's image processing >- Detailed performance tracking and comprehensive statistics >- Personalized daily workouts that include the skills you need most >- Dynamic adaption of the difficulty level for each exercise to ensure your experience is challenging >- Workout calendar to help you track your streaks and stay motivated >- Detailed scientific background information for each exercise >And more!
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CDL Prep Pro

Performance tracking - Review your performance on every question.
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Tic Tac Pro

> >Features in v1.0: >- single player vs. easy, medium and hard AI >- local multiplayer ("pass and play") >- stats and performance tracking
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> >Our platform is designed especially for organizations with widely spread out multi-tiered distribution network to: > >A) Cascade in Real-Time: > 1) Product training, refreshers, alerts & updates > 2) Sales communication, alerts and competition updates > 3) Trade schemes & sales incentives > 4) Channel contests & promos > 5) Skills & competency training > 6) Onboarding new team members > >B) Capture in Real-Time: > 1) Field activity reports > 2) Post launch surveys, opinion polls > 3) Sales velocity > 4) Performance tracking (team & individual levels) > 5) Deep analytics, insights & channel sentiments
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Zepp Play Soccer

No performance tracking over time.
Using for one player on one leg wasn't intuitive so I'm not sure how you would manage tracking a team of players.
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