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SBI Mitra

Performance not updated regularly
Ace performance is not updated properly.
Num downloads: 30,000

Sales Tracking Calendar (Free)

Are there any simple free sales tracking apps on android?
I like this one I have tried several sales tracking apps and none of them were as easy to work as this one.
Num downloads: 30,000


> >============================================================================== > >KEY FEATURES: >+Specially designed and tested to maximize fun and enjoyment for kids >+Discover academic strengths and weaknesses of your child >+Receive individually customized in-app progress reports >+Recommends learning activities based on the specific performance of your child >+Provides long-term performance tracking compared against age, location and class level >+Extensive library of pre-school learning activities designed by child development experts >+Simple easy to use kid-friendly app designed for optimized and effective learning >+Free set of daily trial exercises in various disciplines > >============================================================================== > >EDUCATIONAL VALUE: >+Prepares children for primary school success >+Improves independent learning skills through active engagement >+Develops specific IQ, Math, Science and English skills in a fun and productive way >+Encourages children to self direct their own learning >+Increases language and recognition abilities > >============================================================================== > >WHAT'S NEW: >+Learning exercise library expanded to nearly one million activities >+New kid tested gamification integration >+Richer animations that enhance interactive learning >+Expanded audio capabilities for multiple languages >+New subject areas to include Science and English > >============================================================================== > >USER COMMENTS: > >"Easy to understand and kids will love it!"
Num downloads: 30,000


Poor performance.
Triib attempts to be a performance tracking program but lacks in every regard possible.
Num downloads: 7,500

Inspire for Hearthstone

Excellent option for tracking matches on phone.
Other than that much better tracking than excel or anything.
Num downloads: 7,500

OPTRA Parent

OPTRA- Online Performance TRAcking Solution for Students.
Num downloads: 7,500

Shift OBD2 Lite (Performance)

Shift OBD2 Lite transforms your android device into a performance tracking tool for your car with an OBD adapter. > >Features: > >* Choose from 22 sensors (PIDs) to run on 6 customizable gauges in real time. >* Real time graphing and recording of 22 sensors (PIDs). >* Sleek gauge design with up to 4 styles. >* Interactive graph that can be scrolled to view history. >* Get instant notifications when coolant/oil temperature gets too hot to avoid costly repairs. >* Supports metric and imperial units. >* Landscape and portrait viewing modes for gauges and graphs. > >An OBD/OBD2 ELM327 Bluetooth adapter is required for this app to work.
Num downloads: 7,500

Stalla Mobile CFA® Review

Available now: >* 2014 December Level I
 The Stalla app contains a complete CFA® study program:  >
* 18 study sessions >* In-depth coverage of every LOS 
 >* Ability to add personal notes and easily bookmark content >* Over 500 interactive flashcards >* Thousands of review questions and solutions by reading or study session >* Multiple assessment exams covering every topic >* Integrated performance tracking
 The app also offers social and gaming elements to enhance your learning experience: >* Connect with other candidates to ask questions or form study groups  >
* Compare your results against others in the community  >
* Earn badges and track your progress as you study  
You can now purchase individual CFA exam topics for targeted study with our Buy by Topic option.
Num downloads: 7,500