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In K-line patterns turning point for the legislature, patterns Trader offers stock-picking strategy, the fundamentals of filtration, a variety of trading warning, risk control, performance tracking and other functions; wherein, users can also design individual proprietary K line state, do not write complex programming language, you can also have a master formula.
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Transact in Mutual Funds -goMF

I think this are must to have features to have a clear idea about investment amount, return, progress on each goal and performance tracking.
Num downloads: 30,000

Car Diagnostic Pro (OBD2 + Enhanced)

. > > >[OBD2 Functions] > All of the Vehicles > ✮ Mode 1 - Data Parameters with 220 PIDS > ✮ Mode 2 - Freeze Frame Data > ✮ Mode 3 - Check Current Faults > ✮ Mode 4 - Clear Faults > ✮ Mode 5 - O2 Sensor Test Result > ✮ Mode 6 - Emission On-board Test Result > ✮ Mode 7 - Check Pending Faults > ✮ Mode 8 - Enable Evap Test > ✮ Mode 9 - Vin, ECU Name, Performance Tracking Data, CALID & etc > ✮ Mode A - Check Stored Faults > > >[Enhanced Functions] > ✮ Ford (1996-2013) - Check/Clear Faults, Self Test, KOEO, KOER, and Enhanced Data 2200 PIDS (ISO, PWM, CAN) > > ✮ Nissan (2001-2007) - Check/Clear Faults, Self Test, Ignition Timing Adjustment, Idle Rpm Adjustment, Active Test and Enhanced Data 634 PIDS (KWP2000 - ECM, TCM, ABS, BCM) > > ✮ GM (1996-2007) - Check/Clear Faults, Active Test and Enhanced Data 189 PIDS (VPW Powertrain) > > ✮ Toyota (2000-2006) - Enhanced Data 150 PIDS (ISO - Powertrain) + Read/Clear Faults (KWP2000 Airbag) > > ✮ KIA (1996-TBD) - Enhanced Data (ISO Powertrain) > > >✮ Enhanced Functions may not support some models > > >Please Note: >Some of the Bluetooth Devices are not compatible with the app.
Num downloads: 30,000

SBI Mitra

Performance not updated regularly
Ace performance is not updated properly.
Num downloads: 30,000

Sales Tracking Calendar (Free)

Are there any simple free sales tracking apps on android?
I like this one I have tried several sales tracking apps and none of them were as easy to work as this one.
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> >============================================================================== > >KEY FEATURES: >+Specially designed and tested to maximize fun and enjoyment for kids >+Discover academic strengths and weaknesses of your child >+Receive individually customized in-app progress reports >+Recommends learning activities based on the specific performance of your child >+Provides long-term performance tracking compared against age, location and class level >+Extensive library of pre-school learning activities designed by child development experts >+Simple easy to use kid-friendly app designed for optimized and effective learning >+Free set of daily trial exercises in various disciplines > >============================================================================== > >EDUCATIONAL VALUE: >+Prepares children for primary school success >+Improves independent learning skills through active engagement >+Develops specific IQ, Math, Science and English skills in a fun and productive way >+Encourages children to self direct their own learning >+Increases language and recognition abilities > >============================================================================== > >WHAT'S NEW: >+Learning exercise library expanded to nearly one million activities >+New kid tested gamification integration >+Richer animations that enhance interactive learning >+Expanded audio capabilities for multiple languages >+New subject areas to include Science and English > >============================================================================== > >USER COMMENTS: > >"Easy to understand and kids will love it!"
Num downloads: 30,000

CMA Exam Prep 2016

CMA Exam Prep includes explanations for correct/incorrect answers, as well as performance tracking that is designed to help you make the most of your study time so that you pass the exam the first time, on time. > >The CMA Exam Prep application is accessible from your mobile device giving you the ability to study at your convenience from any location
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Poor performance.
Triib attempts to be a performance tracking program but lacks in every regard possible.
Num downloads: 7,500