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CarSys Scan

> * In-use Performance Tracking (IPT). >- O2 Sensor Test (Mode$05). >- Mode $06 Test (Mode $06). >- EVAP System Test (Mode$08). >- Dashboard with Gauge and Graph. > >★ Support: >- Hardware: OBDLink Bluetooth Farmily, KiWi Bluetooth Farmily, ELM327 Bluetooth Farmily, BAFX Bluetooth. >- Protocol: All protocol OBD2. >- Vehicle: > * USA: All cars and light trucks manufactured since 1996 (OBD2) > * EU-Gasoline: Registered after 2001 (EOBD) > * EU-Diesel: Registered after 2004 (EOBD)
Num downloads: 75,000

goMF by MF Utilities

I think this are must to have features to have a clear idea about investment amount, return, progress on each goal and performance tracking.
Num downloads: 30,000

Car Diagnostic Pro (Enhanced)

. > > >[OBD2 Functions] > All of the Vehicles > ✮ Mode 1 - Data Parameters with 220 PIDS > ✮ Mode 2 - Freeze Frame Data > ✮ Mode 3 - Check Current Faults > ✮ Mode 4 - Clear Faults > ✮ Mode 5 - O2 Sensor Test Result > ✮ Mode 6 - Emission On-board Test Result > ✮ Mode 7 - Check Pending Faults > ✮ Mode 8 - Enable Evap Test > ✮ Mode 9 - Vin, ECU Name, Performance Tracking Data, CALID & etc > ✮ Mode A - Check Stored Faults > > >[Enhanced Functions] > ✮ Ford (1996-2013) - Check/Clear Faults, Self Test, KOEO, KOER, and Enhanced Data 2200 PIDS (ISO, PWM, CAN) > > ✮ Nissan (2001-2007) - Check/Clear Faults, Self Test, Ignition Timing Adjustment, Idle Rpm Adjustment, Active Test and Enhanced Data 634 PIDS (KWP2000 - ECM, TCM, ABS, BCM) > > ✮ GM (1996-2007) - Check/Clear Faults, Active Test and Enhanced Data 189 PIDS (VPW Powertrain) > > ✮ Toyota (2000-2006) - Enhanced Data 150 PIDS (ISO - Powertrain) + Read/Clear Faults (KWP2000 Airbag) > > ✮ KIA (1996-TBD) - Enhanced Data (ISO Powertrain) > > >✮ Enhanced Functions may not support some models > > >Please Note: >Some of the Bluetooth Devices are not compatible with the app.
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In K-line patterns turning point for the legislature, patterns Trader offers stock-picking strategy, the fundamentals of filtration, a variety of trading warning, risk control, performance tracking and other functions; wherein, users can also design individual proprietary K line state, do not write complex programming language, you can also have a master formula.
Num downloads: 30,000

Sales Tracking Calendar (Free)

Are there any simple free sales tracking apps on android?
I like this one I have tried several sales tracking apps and none of them were as easy to work as this one.
Num downloads: 30,000

SBI Mitra

Performance not updated regularly
Ace performance is not updated properly.
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> >============================================================================== > >KEY FEATURES: >+Specially designed and tested to maximize fun and enjoyment for kids >+Discover academic strengths and weaknesses of your child >+Receive individually customized in-app progress reports >+Recommends learning activities based on the specific performance of your child >+Provides long-term performance tracking compared against age, location and class level >+Extensive library of pre-school learning activities designed by child development experts >+Simple easy to use kid-friendly app designed for optimized and effective learning >+Free set of daily trial exercises in various disciplines > >============================================================================== > >EDUCATIONAL VALUE: >+Prepares children for primary school success >+Improves independent learning skills through active engagement >+Develops specific IQ, Math, Science and English skills in a fun and productive way >+Encourages children to self direct their own learning >+Increases language and recognition abilities > >============================================================================== > >WHAT'S NEW: >+Learning exercise library expanded to nearly one million activities >+New kid tested gamification integration >+Richer animations that enhance interactive learning >+Expanded audio capabilities for multiple languages >+New subject areas to include Science and English > >============================================================================== > >USER COMMENTS: > >"Easy to understand and kids will love it!"
Num downloads: 30,000

OPTRA Parent

OPTRA- Online Performance TRAcking Solution for Students.
Num downloads: 7,500