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You will be able to access your programs on your smartphone, instantly access info about your exercises and track your performance as you go.
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>Go.PayToo builds the most simple Pos mobile application for your daily sales >8 Advantages of eMobilePOS - Accept credit card payments everywhere - Eliminate pen & paper, avoiding error-prone manual data entree - accept check from your customer automatically and securely - Accept mobile Payment - Integrated Couponing function - Management of multiple POS devices from a single point - Speedy transactions and up to 30% fee savings through preferred card present pricing - Real-time analytics and performance tracking across your field force and all retail locations INDUSTRIES SERVED - Mobile Retail Sales - In-store or Field >- Field Sales >- Wholesale/Distribution >- Open Air Market Sales >- Quick Service Restaurants >- Route Sales >- MLM Affiliate homes sales *** Features *** >- Credit card processing* >- Multiple price levels per item support >- Multiple tax rates support >- Specials, Discounts, Promotions support >- Signature capture >- Sales summary report >- Individual transaction tracking per sales or service representative to preserve your financial controls >- E-mailed or printed receipts with optional Bluetooth mobile receipt printer >-Echeck processing - Mobile Payment >- Reporting and transaction search engine *** Administrative Features *** >- Web based administrative system >- Transactions tracking with date and time stamp for every transaction >- Technical support by phone or e-mail
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Tennis Sense

It's like fitbit for tennis, and I am so excited to track my performance on my smartwatch
This is now an open source project, and the code to set up the serve exists at **DEPRECATED DESCRIPTIOM >Tennis Sense is the performance tracking app for your tennis game on Android Wear.
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Craving Buster

This one has most relevant advices, intuitive design & personalized performance tracking.
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>Features in this application include >1.1 Route management >1.1.1 Route planning >1.1.2 Route listing >1.1.3 Outlets Geo Mapping >1.1.4 Reports >1.2 Merchandising and Survey management >1.2.1 Survey >1.2.2 Merchandising >1.2.3 Asset Tracking ( using Bar codes) >1.2.4 Red Audits >1.3 Order and Stock Management >1.3.1 Order generation management >1.3.2 Stock management >1.4 Sales people performance tracking management >1.4.1 Checking time >1.4.2 Work done >1.4.3 Profiles >1.5 Sales and Delivery Management >1.5.1 Pre-Sales management >1.5.2 Van Sales Management >1.5.3 Delivery management >1.5.4 Payments Management (Mobile money, Cash and Cheques) >1.6 Data Analysis and Reports >1.7 Retailer engagement via USSD >1.7.1 Registration >1.7.2 Feedback management >1.7.3 Order generation
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VR Bike

Performance tracking allows you to track your progress. > >Special equipment is needed for this system in addition to your phone: a Wahoo KICKR® bike trainer, a bicycle, and a PC running the VR Bike game.
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Sales Force Performance Tracking >1.
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LightWeight Training & Fitness

It has built in preset exercises and training sets, GPS tracking, workout history, statistics and graphs....
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