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콕짱 악세사리

>Kokjjang anytime, anywhere with an Internet shopping mall smartphones >The application where you can enjoy a shopping mall. > >This app is linked to Internet shopping malls and have 100% >Product orders / payments, purchases confirmation, shopping cart, etc.
Num downloads: 7,500


This APP is linked to Internet shopping mall and got 100% >Product orders / payments / purchases verify / confirm such Cart >Various functions are available as is. > >New sale items Special events, such as a variety of shopping information >You will receive much faster.
Num downloads: 7,500


Internet shopping mania PLUS is an application that comfortably online shopping in the mobile terminal. > >* This app is an enhanced version of Internet shopping mania series.
Num downloads: 7,500

슈마트(동대문신발도매상가 슈즈 구두 사입 직거래)

. >- Do not forget you can handle the notification as a wholesaler's employee Dear sir and push notifications in real-time retail store, internet shopping orders and the order information. >- Push notifications can be sent to all members at a special news. >- Can be easily processed but without knowing your computer to your smartphone. >- Contact us immediately we will go and explain. > > >Retailers, Internet shopping malls boss look ---- > >- You can check with one hand and the Dongdaemun shopping new shoes. >- You can order real-time, regardless of the open time. >- It is possible just dialing a phone number registered Wholesalers >- Has received a notification push to see the important news of the shoe wholesaler >- If you already hasyeotdeon order reorder the item to go directly to the order page if you touch the products after confirming from the purchase history. >- If you have to order the wholesale goods receipt and payment, and each can be solved using a cumbersome reoul Shoe Mart Shoe Mart once formulated in direct Agency to orders, payment, delivery. >  Manual, and a VAT invoice is issued separately. >  The 2500 won taekbaebi is no limit on quantity.
Num downloads: 7,500


Aceite pagamentos pelo celular e pela internet sem pagar mensalidades.
Num downloads: 3,000


good. such a nice internet shopping web
Num downloads: 3,000

몰더바래, 다모아페이

> >Self prices on the internet shopping mall. > >-------------------------------------------------- > >Purchase a variety of goods merchant shop of more than 100 franchise registration. > >Merchants shopping purchases and earn points automatically credited to your card. > >Using the Internet shopping mall that consists of only the cheapest products. > >Store Person earn points automatically credited to your card. > >Enjoy even more benefits through the app installed!
Num downloads: 3,000

ASKO Varetelling

You will find in your grocery lists and assortment from ASKO Internet shopping.
Num downloads: 3,000