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Train Sim

Such as the Orange Line Hawker Siddeley 1200 subway car.
Num downloads: 30,000,000

foodpanda - Food Delivery

Would like to have options not only from restaurants but hawker centre food too.
Great and all but could be better if we could get some hawker stalls and if the coverage for eateries or restaurants that open till late was over a larger area or distance.
Num downloads: 7,500,000

Aircraft Combat 1942

A few small errors (the hawker hurricane is mislabeled yak 3), but overall a great game, good graphics, and fun combat
Num downloads: 7,500,000

OpenSnap: Photo Dining Guide

I like how easy and fast to Look for a restaurant/cafe/hawker stall around me.
Num downloads: 3,000,000

Fav Talk - Interests chatting

You will only find bitches and hawker trying to sell you a webcam sessions.
Num downloads: 3,000,000

Historical Landings

A great game on nexus 7.2 great graphics and gameplay just wish British planes will be added hawker hurricane.
Num downloads: 3,000,000

Flight Sim

Can you add the antonov an- 2 an-12 fokker f-27 hawker siddely trident ilyushin il-18 tupolev tu 114 and 154 the namc ys-11 and the yakolev yak 40
Num downloads: 3,000,000

Sea Harrier Flight Simulator

Being the only commercially successful VTOL (vertical take off landing) fixed wing aircraft to date, the first iteration of Sea Harrier (Hawker Siddeley Harrier) was introduced into the Royal Air force in 1969.
Num downloads: 750,000